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Monitoring and sharing of observations (defects, non-conformities)

Activity journal and traceability of entered data

Sharing of forms and checklists

Multiple user signatures

Diary and history

Production of high-quality, consolidated reports

Planning of missions and inspection visits

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Management information, KPI and real-time view of projects

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Non-conformities annotated and tagged on plans and photos

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Export of raw data – XLS export

Creation of teams, management of multi-team and multi-subsidiary rights

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We answer your questions.

Is the WatchAproov360 App adapted to every type of site?

Yes. The WatchAproov360 App is highly configurable and is designed to adapt to the specific characteristics of every kind of site. It is based on protection standards adaptable to every type of layout and environment.

Starting with the basic version, you can adapt WatchAproov360 to your site.

  • Industrial and high-risk sites…
  • Sites receiving the public, shops, supermarkets, schools…
  • Warehouses, factories…
  • Offices, other buildings…
  • Open worksites, construction sites…
  • Worksites in hostile areas (oil fields, geophysical project sites, etc.)

In even more advanced versions, WatchAproov360 can evolve into several modules, thus responding to your organisation’s various activities. The duplication of your first App and its adaptation to another site will enable you to gain precious time; the adaptation process is very simple because it is based on the same way of thinking.

Can the WatchAproov360 App be used in the design and construction phases of a building?

Yes. During the design and construction phases the WatchAproov360 App enables you to include security standards and guidelines, thus anticipating all types of vulnerability and malicious acts, particularly where Public Safety and Security Studies are required.

Can I monitor the number of incidents involving damage or attack for example?

Yes, of course. Each check point that you include in your App (attack, damage, intrusion, technical incident, security incident, defective protective equipment, etc.) is monitored statistically.

You can also make distinctions, for example by separating physical and verbal attacks if this kind of problem is of particular interest to you.

We have many sites to inspect in France and overseas. What can we do?

WatchAproov360 can manage tree structures for projects (e.g. Country1 >> Site 1 >> Sector 1 >> Zone1) on four levels and assign security/malicious damage inspection modules adapted to each configured project.

Can the WatchAproov360 App help to prepare for ISO 18788 or ISO 28000 certification?

Yes. WatchAproov360 can be configured in several different ways: inspection forms and check-lists for security and malicious damage, audit guidelines, surveys of vulnerable points, deployment of action plans.

With a bespoke configuration for your organisation, WatchAproov360 is able to include all types of security-related document systems and will respond point by point to the underlying elements of certifications such as ISO 18788 and ISO 28000 by means of daily briefing, and training activities (risk-prevention and security agents/reception staff), and concrete monitoring and intervention actions.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Can we create boundaries relating to zones at risk, types of threat and types of protection?

Yes, WatchAproov360 allows you to create different levels of configuration.

Examples of different types of threat: internal theft, external theft, theft from loading bays, intrusions, attacks, vandalism, etc.…

Examples of different zones at risk for a warehouse: car park, reception areas, storage areas, order preparation areas, order picking areas, packing areas… waste collection areas, offices, machine rooms, etc.…

Examples of protective measures:

  • Risk prevention and training of personnel
  • Perimeter protection (access control, video cameras, surveillance service, strengthening of structures, etc.)
  • Interior protection (access, gates, video cameras, alarms, etc.)
  • Other types of security (IT security, stock traceability, etc.)

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